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Postby Guest » 03/23/02 12:05 AM

Inspiried by a recent discussion on in the forum on the merits of using poker chips over coins and embarresed by the total lack of coin tricks in my professional act, I have set about creating a spellbound routine the works around the routine of trying to cheat at blackjack (where you can't touch the cards) and so you have to touch the chips. A $5 chip changes to a $50 and back again etc.

Here is the problem-

a) are there any great spell bound moves that people use that I may not have discovered?

b)I wish to finish with making the chip grow into a giant chip. I have found that the the local casino has mouse pads about the size of a bread and butter plate that look like a giant $5 chip. It is black on one side.

What is a clever way of bringing the final chip into play without falling back on the old "pulling-it-the-jacket-with-a-few distracting-flourishes"?

Postby Bill Duncan » 03/23/02 12:43 AM

Favorite spellbound moves:
COINMAGIC - Kaufman's One Touch method and Sol Stone's Tumble Switch/Change.

Complete Works Of Derek Dingle in the Inflation routine has a clever feint/change.

Gary Kurtz's one coin routine (on his video and in the Kaufman book) begins with a normal coin "stretched" into a large one.
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Postby Pete Biro » 03/23/02 09:37 AM

Erhardt Liebenow (sp?) marketed an incredible array of 'gaffed' poker chips some time ago... anyone recall some specifics???

I may have a bag full of 'em somewhere... will see if I can find 'em... duh :(
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Postby Guest » 03/23/02 02:20 PM

I forget to mention that I have also been inspiried by my (very late) acquisition of Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.

I wish all magic books were written like Bobo's. So many of the works out today seem to just be a hodge podge of good ideas and bad that require the purchase of 13 subsequent books to understand.

Yah Bobo

Postby Guest » 03/23/02 07:54 PM

For ringing in a Jumbo coin to end, a very practical way of doing it demonstrated by Michael Ammar using a Bob Fitch routine in the easy to Master Money Miracles series. It is doing a coin through the pocket, which allows you to then steal out the jumbo coin.

If you want to take a quick look at what it looks like head to my website www.coinvanish.com and watch the Windows Streaming video called "Jumbolaya" in the Videos section - I use this method to ring in a jumbo coin for a jumbo coin flurry.


Postby Guest » 03/23/02 08:51 PM

The mousepad is quite large. More the size of a jumbo, jumbo coin

Postby Pete McCabe » 03/24/02 12:59 AM


A while back I did David Roth's Standup Copper Silver routine from "Coinmagic" for some friends. It's a great routine but I didn't get much reaction. I learned afterwords that no one could tell that the coins had changed. The light was a little low and, for the audience, the copper and silver coins were not nearly different enough visually.

So I reworked several of my coin routines, including Spellbound, to use poker chips. They are so much easier to see it's incredible. And they're still very ordinary, everyday objects. I think you'll be very glad you have gone down this road.

Just a suggestion, but instead of changing the final chip into an unnatural object like a jumbo chip, why not change it into a real coin? This would provide a climax both visual and meaningful. Or perhaps a folded bill (or better, a roll of bills).

Here's something fun to play around with: try to create a version of Threefly using one red, one white, and one blue poker chip. I have one that uses two double-sided chips. The handling is not entirely practical but it is doable; I'm sure a practical routine is out there.
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