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Postby Vraagaard » 12/20/05 02:41 PM

Ok, I'm practicing on my own from a short desciption in "Expert card magic" not the best description. I'm aware that there are som sources like

Michael Close (e-book), Ed Marlo (revolutionary card technique, and his on the faro booklet), Allan Ackerman (DVD) and also that Harry Lorayne has a bunch of video's where he is showing a STRADDLE FARO (what is a Straddle faro compared to a regular faro - do they accomplish the same?)

Anyways, any guidance on what sources are most valuable to learn from (does I need a visual (Ebook or DVD) or is it god enough described in Ed Marlo's booklets?

Any advice is appreciated.

Best regards

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Postby Jeff Haas » 12/20/05 02:59 PM

For the best way to learn the technique, I vote for Michael Close's ebook. It has embedded video clips in it which show you the fine points. Mike is also a terrific teacher and leaves no point uncovered.
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Postby Bill Mullins » 12/20/05 03:42 PM

A straddle faro is what takes place when you have a deck/packet with an odd number of cards. For example, if your deck has 52 cards plus a joker.

To do a straddle faro in this case, take 26 cards in one hand, and 27 in the other, and weave the 26 cards into the 27.
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Postby Bill Wheeler » 12/20/05 04:53 PM

I personally learned the faro shuffle from "The Complete Works of Derek Dingle". But I think you could learn it from Marlo's RCT book. But it wasn't until I saw Cervon perform one in one of the Vernon Chronicle videos that I was able to put it all together and consistently faro.

Hope these references help

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Postby Cesar Munoz » 12/20/05 08:25 PM

I highly recommend Michael Closes's cd. I went from not really believing I could ever learn it--to complete confidence with the sleight. All as a result of Michael's cd.
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Postby Vraagaard » 12/21/05 01:35 AM

Hi Friends,

Thanks for you advice. I better go and By Michael Close's Ebook and then - well I always wanted to by the Marlo RCT - so maybe its time for that now.

Nobody familiar with the Allan Ackerman DVD? I think it is volume 6 in his DVD serie.
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Postby Ian Kendall » 12/21/05 03:33 AM

For instant gratification there is a free tutorial at

Take care, Ian
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Postby Guest » 12/24/05 06:00 AM

A straddle faro is very useful thing. Generally (as mentioned above) means that a smaller packet is weaved (faroed) into a bigger packet.

The handling may change (e.g. you pull the interweaved card out and place them on top of the rest -> second keeper ~ Harry Lorayne)

A very interesting approach is the S.O.C. Control.
Together with that you use also a straddle (partial) faro. You interweave the cards from the front.

I apologize my english writing... :o

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