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Postby Vraagaard » 05/13/05 02:00 AM

Hi There,

I constantly move between Paul Harris Cardboard Connection which I have better experiences with that the Immaculate Connection. These are both impromptu and I use them only in impromptu situations.

Sixten Beme's one card link requires a set-up that when you are used to it takes around 5-6 minutes to do at home. However, the preparation allows you to hand out the linked card for examination. Now, here is my question to those of you who performs this effect.

9 out of 10 times I can make the card so that it is almost entirely imposible to see the xxxxx. However, even a 100% made preparation will not forever hold a thorough inspection when the spectator comes hom,e to hsi kitchen table and really looks close and starts bending the card in various spots. I hand the card out for inspection and has never been caught, but I don't like giving the linked card out as a souvenir, because I believe that the spectator eventually will find the secret. On the other hand it feels awkward to take the card back and put it away. Besides that, a lot of times the spectator asks if he can keep it - and when that happens I just say yes - because a "no" will signal something secretive - but I surely don't feel good about handing it out.

I realise handing it out for keeps to 1 spectator will enhance the effect with the other 20 spectators - however I still don't like the fact that the 1 spectator now has a chance of finding the secret. And besides that - it's not my effect - so I feel I'm not entitled to give away a piece that can give away the secret.

Let me know what you are feeling and doing.


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Postby Bob Klase » 05/13/05 09:46 AM

I haven't seen Beme's One Card Link, but I've been doing his earlier version with 2 cards (Complete Card Link) for over 20 years. Shortly after I started using it I changed the way the gaff is made to eliminate a weak point.

I always let the spectator keep the linked cards. Usually I staple one corner of my business card to a corner of one of the linked cards.

I've always assumed that method/setup for the One Card Link is the same (or similar) to the 2 card link but don't know for sure. If you're interested in seeing what I changed, send me an email-
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Postby Brad Henderson » 05/13/05 12:09 PM

Someone made a set for me once. All I can say is it looked GREAT. I could NOT see the work in it, no matter how hard I looked.
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Postby Guest » 05/13/05 01:39 PM

I met Paul in Tunica, Missippissi, at the Gold Strike Casino....He was impressed with my routine which caused a couple of rubber bands to change to a couple of gold bracelets, which I gave to two young ladies...

We discussed a lot of magic over dinner at a neighboring casino--Horseshoe Casino--where we talked about our thinking about magic and not about somebody else's work...but about how he and I strived to "just be us" and not worry about
somebody's historical fact that Robert-Houdin did a palm steal/exchange of an object..

I bought him dinner, and he did not, at any time, say that Jesus or Moses may have done something that an astute observer might have seen, no matter how hard he looked....

...Paul made the Linking Cards famous....He is a genious and makes the obvious a miracle....

...Hey Paul: Let me know when you are going to be back in Tunica....Chow is on me....


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