Not all laughs are good

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Postby scott_a » 10/31/11 09:09 PM

Fellow Magi,

Not all laughs are good laughs.

Especially when the trick "The Baffeling Bra" or "Houdini Outstriped" are concerned.

Does anyone know the history of these two effects and when they debuted to the magic world.

Also, who invented them??

Thank you,

Scott (nervous laughter) Alcalay
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Postby Joe Pecore » 10/31/11 09:23 PM

The Linking Ring (May, 1984) obit for Howard Brooks says "he had originated a number of tricks and effects that were to become standards. Most notable was the " Bra Trick" which was considered rather risque back in the 1930."
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Postby mrgoat » 11/01/11 04:46 AM

Ray Haddad, a member here and the owner (sic) of alt.magic claims he invented the bra track.

Sure he can confirm this.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 11/01/11 07:50 AM

Somehow I expect the origins to go back to at least to the start of the 20th century (20th century silks) and the obvious bit where you "embarass your assistant" for a cheap laugh and get her offstage to perpare the next apparatus - also getting a good buildup for how she comes back onstage after that last bit.

Couple of questions come to mind:

1) Does the routine include changing the bra into the missing hank and ...

2) Anyone gone and done the trick using a cross dresser volunteer to produce a jock strap?
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Postby Master Payne » 11/01/11 06:39 PM

I just did some research on this for my presentation at this years Magic and Meaning. The "Bra Trick" as we know it today appears to have been invented by U.F. Grant and appeared on the market in 1943. In the August 1944 issue of Genii the Genii Speak column has this to say about the effect "The GENII award for the best comedy trick of the year goes to U. F. Grant for The Climax Egg Bag. Really, Grant deserves this recognition
on two counts, the second being the Brassiere Trick"

Something called the Hollywood Brassiere Trick appeared in November of 1945 and advertised itself as an "Entirely Different Bra Trick" as it used ropes instead of the traditional handkerchiefs
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Postby Joe Pecore » 11/01/11 07:05 PM

In the April 1945 Genii Speaks, Larsen says: "Eddie and Nadyne Cochran (whose company we enjoyed while they took a short rest in L. A. between U.S.O. tours) ..... Eddie, incidentally, is the first magician I ever saw do the brassiere trick. I believe he is the inventor.

Then in July 1945 Genii Speaks "Eddie may file suit on the brassiere trick, which he registered with Billboard many years ago."
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