Hi Way Sign Effect in old Linking RIng

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Postby Terry_Holley » 10/30/11 05:08 PM

Many years ago (I would estimate in the 1980's) there was a routine published in LR for the old Hi Way Sign effect (arrow on card that points various directions when turned around). If I remember correctly, the idea behind the routine was walking through hallways. I cannot seem to locate it in my files, and am wondering if anyone is aware of it or has a database and can help me out by pinpointing date of issue. Thank you.
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Postby mountebanc » 04/07/12 11:51 PM

I started using HI SIGN about 1951. Norman Jensen showed it to me. Used it for years. Now it is in occasionally. I have a half dozen different presentations for it in the file, but don't have anything like what you mention. Sorry.

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Postby Allen Tipton » 04/28/12 01:52 PM

David Hemmingway (the UK Dealer, lecturer, magic adviser)& author published his version & routine in one of his Parades in The Linking Ring about 6 years ago. He also published it in 'Ken Brooke & Friends' 1986 published by Derek Lever of Taurus Magic. It had a Road Sign routine
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Postby Grippo's Wish » 02/14/13 02:29 AM

I searched for it. You owe me!

It's in the december 2006 issue, page 111.
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