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Postby Jim Riser » 10/29/11 07:41 PM

Doing what I do, I have really appreciated the articles about John Gaughan's items. If I were to name someone as my personal hero in magic, it would have to be Joseffy. The insight into the mechanics of his creations reveals his genius. I just wish there were even more detailed photos of the workings.

In my spare time between making items for others, I've been working on my own designs for mechanical items and am currently experimenting with a new spring powered motor of my own design. The actual construction of five of these motors has begun and progress may be seen at:

It will be noticed that I have decided to make most parts as they would have been made in Joseffy's time. Progress will be slow due to time constraints. - but things are underway.

I do thank all involved in the creation of this series of articles.
Jim Riser
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/29/11 07:59 PM

Jim, Wow that looks like a helluva lot of work. I hope the final product is something I can afford! :)
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Jim Riser » 10/31/11 01:43 AM

Yes, it's a ton of work and what I have shown is barely the beginning. But ... when completed, the final items will be goodies that no one else will have - true exclusivity. Unique items are always expensive. I certainly could not afford what I am making if I wasn't making it myself. I have not yet decided if the final items will be for sale. I may just keep and enjoy them. I certainly could not easily replace them. More web pages will be added as things progress.
Jim Riser
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Postby hugmagic » 11/04/11 11:35 PM

Jim, as always, your work is incredible.

Richard Hughes
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Postby Mag Ferran » 08/12/12 05:34 PM

Great work Jim, thanks for sharing the photos of your work, hope you could finish soon, all the best.

I love Gaughan contributions on Genii, it is a pleasure read article and watch the items. This is a piece of our history.
Hic et Ubique
Mag Ferran
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Postby Keith Raygor » 08/13/12 01:22 AM

I find your work and the photographs very intriguing. Did you shoot the pictures? Thank you for sharing your process and progress.
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Keith Raygor
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Postby Jim Riser » 10/03/12 05:02 AM

I was out of town at a trade show in Vegas when you posted and missed your post. Yes, I take the photos as I go through the various steps involved. This, of course, really slows things down.

I hope to get back on this in November sometime. I've been too busy with nonmagic projects lately.
Jim Riser
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