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Postby Dustin Stinett » 10/25/11 05:49 PM

I just received word that John Daniel passed away. For the youngsters out there, John Daniel was a fine illusionist. He invented the Thin Sawing in Half. He was Irene Larsen's first husband (Irene was the original lady to be in that Thin Sawing, by the way, and they remained great friends to the end) and the father of Dante Larsen, the editor of Genii after Bill Larsen, Jr's death. He was a wealth of knowledge for me when I was researching my little book on Milo & Roger. He will be missed.

My condolences to his family and many friends.
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Dustin Stinett
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Postby Scotto » 10/25/11 07:12 PM

Very sad news


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Postby Donal Chayce » 10/25/11 07:22 PM

Very sad news indeed.

Cathy was at the Castle just last week. Joan Lawton introduced us and, together with Irene, we all had a lovely chat. She seemed to be in fine spirits, all things considered.

My sympathies go out to her and their family, and to their extended family as well.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/25/11 07:31 PM

Actually, Dante was editor before Bill Larsen, Jr. died.
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Postby hugmagic » 10/25/11 09:37 PM

I always enjoyed my chats with John and Kathy. We shared interests in carousels and trains. Once on a tour of his little collection, I noticed a misspelling on a sign for a carousel ride that came from near me. I pointed it out to John and he was very grateful as he was stickler for details.

My deepest sympathies to Kathy. I know the LA Conference will not be quite the same this year with so many friends passing on.
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Postby Jim Riser » 10/25/11 10:42 PM

This is a great loss to magic. John looked great on stage and was a very good Illusionist. He wonderfully filled the headline second half of the 1967 It's Magic show at the Wilshire Ebell theater. His show was the fast paced Shazam (sp?) act. This featured girl in large Plexiglas diamond, the then new thin sawing with standard table type base - not bevel base (I believe he and Carl Owen built it while John was part owner of Owen Magic Supreme), smashing a girl into a can (this idea came from an old Genii article!), and an assortment of other illusions like dizzy limit and girl from oven. This remains my idea of the perfect act and performer. Those who never saw John perform, missed real magic. His passing will be felt by many.
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Postby JamesHamilton » 11/01/11 05:26 PM

John will be missed. He was a wonderful friend and a staunch supporter of the Long Beach Mystics. I still recall his debut of the Thin Sawing at the 1958 PCAM Convention. The lady sawed in half was the beautiful Princess Irene. John did not invent the Thin Sawing, but was the first to introduce it in the US.

My sincerest condolences to Cathy and the family.
James Hamilton
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