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Postby Guest » 02/13/02 02:39 PM

I am about to make a major investment in some gaffed half dollars.
Has anyone dealt with Todd Lassen's Coin Magic Supplies? If so, can you tell me the quality, or a little about the experience.

Postby Sean Piper » 02/13/02 04:59 PM

Personally, I've never dealt with Todd Lassen but I've heard nothing but glowing reports about his work.

Perhaps Paul Cummins can share his thoughts, as I know he has dealt with Todd in the past.
Sean Piper
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Postby Jeff Haas » 02/13/02 05:44 PM

I've met Todd and seen his work. He's a very nice guy and his work is excellent.

He had a table at last year's A1 convention. His gaffed shells, made out of old coins, were almost impossible to spot even if you stared right at them. He sold them with matching coins, so you got a set of old silver coins with a shell.

A friend of mine has several of his gaffs, and has nothing but praise for his work.

Jeff Haas
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Postby Guest » 02/13/02 07:16 PM

I personally own almost a thousand dollars worth of Todd Lassen's coins (gaffed and matching coins). I have nothing but the utmost praise for his work.

Todd is a craftsman extraordinaire, have no fear on your purchase.

Postby Eric Rose » 02/14/02 04:19 AM

I have several Lassen Morgans and the quality is fantastic. Todd is also one of the nicest guys I've encountered in magic.
Eric Rose
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Postby Matthew Field » 02/14/02 07:00 AM

Allow me to add my recommendation of Todd Lassen's work. I've bought a couple of half-dollar shells and a Flipper from Todd and the workmanship is incomparable. It's a pleasure to deal with Todd.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby Guest » 02/14/02 07:36 AM

Thank you all for your responses.
I find it comforting that I can come to the
Genii site and get assistance.
I guess that it truly is a magical fraternity
that we are in.

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