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Postby Guest » 06/06/03 03:46 PM

Is there a "preferred way" of creating a Glitter Wad for a Flash Vanish of coins?

I know it would seem like a no-brainer (fold it up, stick it in your pocket, and switch it in.) But a few questions present themselves.

Is there a special way to fold the flash paper, so that it stays together and doesn't come apart in your pocket?

Can I/should I use white glue or something like that to keep the "wad" tight?

Any tips for producing the most flash, flame, whatever. Wadded up paper seems to flash "cleaner" and bigger, but that's not really an option with a flattened "wad".


Postby David Acer » 06/29/03 05:31 PM

Hi Muscarella,

You can staple the flash-glitter bundle at the edges with small staples, which will blend in with the glitter when you ignite the wad.
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