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Postby Wolkenlaufer » 10/09/11 07:20 PM

Here's why.....

My wife and caregiver, Dondra has been in the hospital last Tueday ith numerous medical issues. At first, we were going in for a neck fusion, but one of the tests showed an elevated pulmonary pressure. (blood pressure in the right side of the heart), and from there it was all downhill. Even though she's never smoked her lung functions are greatly reduced, she has a hot gall bladder (full of stones, she's being treated for anemia and has a right sided heart cath scheduled for in the morning. I have been so worried ansd have not left her side, but we are in hopes that with the help o4 different specialists we can make her better.

I don't mean for this to be a long, drawn out explanation, just to let you know why I haven't been here. I do post daily updates on her condition on my dementia blog at www.wheretobud.blogspot.com.

Thanks for any prayers, good vibes and mojo!

My Alzheimer's Related Dementia blog is at: www.wheretobud.blogspot.com
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