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Postby Gerald Deutsch » 11/04/03 04:10 PM

I've seen professional perfomers do a series of card effects using a different selected card for each effect. It's the usual thing to do.

But it's a chore to have to remember a card.

I've started using the selected card from my first effect in following tricks. So, for example, I may have a card selected, find the wrong card and change that into the selected card. Then I might do the Card in Pocket but I use the same selected card. So there's not another card for a spectator to remember.

(Maybe that's why the Ambitious Card" is so successful.)
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Postby Pete Biro » 11/04/03 05:20 PM

That is just what I do... I get one card, have it signed and keep using it... I vary by not doing a find a card effect then all of a sudden the 'pesky' card keeps showing up... surprise, surprise... finally find it in a wallet. :D
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Postby Guest » 11/04/03 07:56 PM

Doc Eason uses this plot for his card to glass routine. While it revolves around the glass, many effects, I think possibly even an ambitious, are mixed for the whole routine. It is quite nice.

Also check out the card to head to salt shaker by Mike Close for other ideas. He breaks it into phases and tells you to learn one at a time or of course you could use one phase as a seperate effect with the rest of yours.

Postby Guest » 11/05/03 05:10 AM

... I find that if I re-find a specific card too many times - as in an Ambitious Card routine, the audience tends to believe it's a Svengali Deck sort of trick - and I try to avoid that situation at all costs... So, I'll do one or two other bits, then "accidently" re-reveal it, make a humorous comment about it's arrival, and then change it into the appropriate select card.


Postby Guest » 11/05/03 10:37 AM

I always use the same selected card for my opening tricks. a great line is to say "you know how i do this?" and they say no.. and you say "becusae i have a whole deck of the (selected card)" and as you spread the deck face up... you see that all the cards are different. then you say "oh... i guess i left that deck somewhere else.. but anyways.." and continue with the trick.

Great stuff. a suprise everytime for them

Try it out

Tony C.

Postby Guest » 11/06/03 07:03 AM

Hey! Thanks for putting that up, Tony...Good stuff! You bet I'll give that a go. In fact, I'm thinking that is just the perfect direction for card to forehead (gives plenty of cover to get that thing there while they check out the deck, realize the joke then possibly look up!).

Also, with Eason's card under glass, it should be noted that he works with three cards, rather than one, that keep coming up in different ways. As an example, when he goes to find one card and it turns out to be the prior punter's card, a top change fixes that and the next card selected for a trick turns out to be punter #2's card (and so on). This gets rid of the idea that he's working with a Svengali and also keeps it simple. The only down side that I see is that this proves that he is in 100% control of those cards at all times. The audience doesn't seem to think about that, though, and it is a very entertaining routine.


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