Kenton Knepper

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Postby NickShear » 10/06/11 12:20 PM

Is anyone familiar with Kenton Knepper's effects? And if so, what are your thoughts?
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Postby mrgoat » 10/06/11 12:55 PM

His voice is really annoying.

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Postby aireM » 10/06/11 03:06 PM

I haven't come across much of his work, although some of the people he has brought forward into the mentalism world are good.

I.E Luke Jermay.

I have read wonder words series and X but the books didn't do much for me. He is supposed to be the master of words, he is highly respected in the industry and therefore he must be of some standard to have gained his reputation.
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Postby Bob Farmer » 10/07/11 12:00 PM

He stole one of my tricks ("Tsunami") and marketed an inferior version ("K.E.N.T.")without credit.
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Postby aireM » 10/09/11 07:36 AM

I read about this on a post on magic cafe sometime ago; I know he is working with Jonathan Royle right now aka Alex William Smith and I am not right impressed with that fact.

Royle is a big thief too.
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