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Postby LeeKebler » 10/06/11 10:21 AM

I just wanted to drop a post and let people know that recently outofsleight.com wrapped up production on a really awesome project about the cups and balls. To make the project even better, we got to sit down with historian and all around great guy, Bill Palmer from the Cups and Balls Museum in Texas. We have an hour long interview with Bill about the worlds oldest trick, history, methods, and a look at the props themselves.

The routine taught on the dvd is an original method that has not been taught anywhere else. At any point the ball will vanish and reappear as you want it. The ball would materialize and visually fall right out of an empty cup. Transpositions, vanishes, and penetrations done in an almost impromtu nature, with no need for a ridged script and sequential method. A start clean, end clean presentation, and completely inspectable finish!

This project was a true labor of love and was professionally shot in 1080 HD with every angle covered. There is 2 hours worth of content on the dvd. Also, while we have supplies, it comes with a great gimmick (but you likely already have one). It should also be mentioned that this project was sponsored by Donnie Buckley (new proprietor) of Rings N' Things II. So thanks to them!

If you are a cups and balls fan, please take a look at the project at outofsleight.com.

I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did!

-Lee Kebler
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