Marlo-Thompson Bluff Pass vs. Lowey-Wilson Merge Control

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Postby Sworn Lip(s) » 10/06/11 12:05 AM hello no means is this a VS., but a Combo Move. So I took the Marlo-Thompson Bluff Pass and mimicked the end result with my control...FKA..,Seconds To The Top'. (It also hides the thumb hop) This combo move is great for controlling 2 or more cards/selections to the top with a perceived undisturbed and uncontrolled deck....You are done! Also to note my reason for pointing to the bottom card...the 8 of C. I wouldn't point in performance...just in this sharing. After the initial M-T Bluff Pass, you can control as many cards as you want to the top with my control and the bottom card will always remain the visual cue to the spectator of the "uncontrolled" deck.
Feel free to dissect...and PS, what exactly is the protocol for naming a move or sleight if one wants to pay homage to the roots? Later folks & Always Now-RW
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