What do you have on you when doing walkaround?

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Postby Alex Kong » 10/01/11 06:54 PM

Hey! I'm new around here. My name is Alex, and I've been doing magic for about 9 months now. Its proved to be really rewarding so far. So, I was wondering, what tricks do you have on you when you are performing walkaround or street magic? I ask this because I have my very first ever restaurant gig coming up in a few weeks. I'm super excited about this, and want to really own it. The tricks I can currently perform well include TCM, here then there, threefly, coinone, cointwo, and stairway, among others. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
Alex Kong
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Postby Xabi » 10/08/11 04:42 PM

Self Tying Shoelace
Ambitious card (my personal favourite)
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Postby mrgoat » 10/08/11 05:01 PM

Any of Glenn Bishop's shuffling routines go down well. You can get them in his revolutionary PDF "I can do nothing but shuffle for 3 hours and still entertain"
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Postby Mathias435 » 10/08/11 05:16 PM

Yes, Glenn Biship's shuffling routines go very well :)
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Postby El Harvey Oswald » 10/08/11 11:43 PM

i do a statue of liberty vanish that usually goes over very well
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Postby Anthony Vinson » 10/09/11 06:57 AM

Speaking as an amateur, when asked to do something on the fly I can always count on Gregory Wilson's A Questionable Trick to make a big impression.
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