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Postby aireM » 09/28/11 10:07 PM

Hi guys, just received my copy of peter turners devious realities wow some serious food for thought has anyone else read this? particularly love mind plant and cant wait to try it.

Was going to get whisper and then I saw this at a 10th of the price, glad I went for it.
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Postby Dusty » 10/04/11 08:17 AM

Care to give us a review?
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Postby aireM » 10/05/11 08:31 PM

Ok, here goes first review I have ever wrote.

Devious Realities Peter Turner with Kenton Knepper

Price $30 - Ebook

Available from: http://www.wonderwizards.com/product_in ... cts_id=522

After reading the product description on Kenton's site (after seeing a review on another site) I was a little dubious as to how much of it all was a sales pitch. After some time I bit because of the review and curiosity got the better of me. first I shall list the effects and proceed after each to give an opinion then an other all opinion.

(SEE MIND PLANT! listed lower)

Three calculator effects, for body of real effects skip the calculator read.

Add a number calculator

No need for an explanation of what an add a number calculator is, the calculators can be bought from any pound/dollar store and can be examined and given away after no rewiring or swapping buttons and be turned into one under the subjects nose. (bob king credited)

Kenton's calculation - Kenton

A way to determine the total of a load of random numbers added into a calculator after they have been erased. I love Kenton just couldn't see the point in this? Even though you can use any calculator any time this is a peek of sorts.

Multiline telepathy

Add a number idea for regular scientific calculator with many lines.

Now to the real content of the book, it is bold in nature (not overly) but very clever and I really like the fact he offers not only the method but a presentation (routine) and adds the little psychological bits in to really sell the effect.

I.P.I Instant pseudo induction.

The mentalist stands before a subject telling the person to just relax and breathe...the subject's eyes flutter and they apparently go into a trance in mere seconds.

This is a clever piece of dual reality and is used as an alternative to just asking a subject to close their eyes. Peter presses a point in the book about making everything visual to an audience and I have to admit I have used this and it really warms a crowd before an effect even begins.

Drawing out personality

Essentially a drawing duplication (first of two in the book. This one is the lesser in terms of practicality. The subject never writes anything down, they get asked their full name and what they wanted to be when they was younger, then get asked to get an image in their minds (not something simple like a car) and the performer guesses it with 100% success.

Geminus Cogito

Twenty information cards are placed on a table. These cards have names of different people on one side and personal information about each person on the other. A subject chooses a name at random - a free choice. On the backs of the name cards is a short description about that person, such as their favorite television program, favorite drink and hobbies. The subject is asked to pretend for a moment that they are the person they chose.

For example, they select the name of Becky and try to get into character based on the card's information. The performer places a deck of playing cards and personal phone on the table saying, Now that you know a little bit about Becky's personality, imagine the colour of playing card that you think Becky would choose.

Perhaps the subject states that Becky would pick a black card. The performer asks what the suit of the playing card might be, and the subject says Becky would probably choose Spades.

Finally the subject chooses the value of the playing card she thinks Becky would like. The subject chooses the Four, making the Four of Spades. The performer has the subject set the phone to speakerphone and call Becky. Becky is asked to think of any playing card and name it out loud. She responds with the Four of Spades!

This is fantastic in terms of cleaness, it is layers of methods mixed into one routine and it is NOT the old phone trick where the person on the other end counts and key words are used. Both people will be stunned and the audience hear the ENTIRE conversation even the dial tone.

Mind Plant

A drawing/word/number duplication.

How would I rate this F***ing GENIUS! worth the price of the book for this effect alone. this is literally how clean it is - The subject gets asked to close their eyes and get an image into their minds you look at them and draw it. Cleanest most practical drawing dupe I have read about, all you need is a marker pen and pad to draw what the subject is thinking.

No preshow No peeks No impression devices they are as stunned as the audience.

A gift from me to you.

(this is how it looks)

A borrowed, shuffled (by the spectator) deck of cards is placed behind the back and the subject takes one from where they would like. They look at the card they selected (while the performer is still facing away) and hide it on their persons. The performer turns round and uses body language to guess the card. Then to proove he is really doing what he says he teaches other participants what to look for so they can do it, the subject takes another card and the subjects really do use the tells and guess the card the subject has.

I love this effect, I went straight out and performed it and the success rating is massive as long as you follow the patter very closely. It fries everyone and really sells what you are doing is using body language (a great convincer).

A destiny of hearts

a random couple are asked to join the performer onstage, they admit they have never met the performer. A bag is sat on the stage from the start of the show and the performer tells them it was destiny they would meet and destiny they would come to the show. To prove this the lady is instructed to remove a rose from the bag, and the male is asked to reach in and take the remainder of the contents. The male removes a love heart with the couples initials on!

Easy to perform, one of them effects where you save it for the right moment and would be lovely for a married couple.

Chain game

A game of word association wherein the performer has already guessed the outcome in an envelope.

Easy to perform, a little risky but if performed well can be used as proof of subliminal messaging in corporate business. I liked the idea of this one and also touches upon a fundamental classic of mentalism.

an educated guess I guess

We have all played the games where we guess the amount of sweets in a jar. This is ultimately a performance of how to make it look like you can get the answer spot on every time.

This effect is simple and will appeal to educated audiences I performed this and it works as it says in the book.


I would give this book a 4 1/2 out of five, it would have been five if the first bit of the book hadn't been based on calculators. The psychology in this book is second to none and if you want CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN effects this book is a good source to read. It has got me thinking; I will be purchasing his second book this Friday it impressed me that much. When I read other reviews on other sites about this book I thought it sounded a little too good to be true and was expecting to be disappointed I will tell you I was thoroughly happy with my purchase and I am glad I got it instead of 'whisper' more value for money and Mind plant is genius.

Sorry about the grammar, I hope the review is up to standard never done one before so don't be harsh on me.

P.s been performing professionally for a few years just in case anyone thought I was new to mentalism.
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