Double "Penetration of Thought"

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Postby Guest » 09/18/04 07:30 PM

Dai Vernon's "Penetration of Thought" (THE DAI VERNON BOOK OF MAGIC, pp. 51-58) involves two packets of four identical cards from two different-colored decks. A card is thought of and a packet named. The thought-of card now travels to the named packet, leaving one packet of three cards, and one packet of five cards (the extra card being the odd-backed selection).

John Bannon's "Twisted Sisters" has its roots in the above plot. In Bannon's trick, two cards are thought of, and there is an extra kicker of the other cards "transforming" into jokers.

I am searching for the trick that, developmentally, came in between these; the trick wherein there are two selections, but no kicker ending.

The Double Brainwave plot is certainly related, except it uses 52 cards, whereas the trick for which I am searching uses only two packets of four.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am fairly certain my writing made no sense, so if you need clarification, please ask.



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Jon Racherbaumer's NEO-BROWNIAN MOVEMENT was published in AT THE TABLE [1984]. In his introductory comments to the effect, Jon Racherbaumer refers to two sources that you may want to peruse:

* IBIDEM #29 - in which Ed Marlo published some related material

* TRANSPO TRIX [1978]:

"In Karl Fulves' TRANSPO TRIX a version of the packet thought-card transposition 'Snark Hunt' appeared. Here a new condition is added: the sets of card (packets) do not match in either identity because the faces and backs are different".

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Vernon's "Thought Transposed" (More Inner Secrets of Card Magic, pg. 16) is a step in the direction you're going. In this, there is only one selection, but the card travels from each packet to the opposite one.

J.G. Thompson also has some ideas on this plot in Magic To Delight, pg 90, "Some More Thoughts Penetrate". Still, it's just one selection, not two.

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Postby Guest » 09/19/04 10:31 AM

Thank you both. I've looked up "Thought Transposed" and it is very close to the plot being discussed. The only difference is the plot about which I am talking uses, for example, one packet of four queens and one of four kings, instead of two packets with duplicate cards.

It sounds as if Karl Fulves may have been the first to suggest such an approach.

Unfortunately I don't have the issue of IBIDEM mentioned above, so I can't check what Marlo had there.

Thanks again,


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