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Postby Julie Sobanski » 09/24/11 02:42 PM

Any idea who this female magician is?
http://sz.happyvalley.cn/activity/2011/ ... a/main.htm
(at the bottom, click the first flamed Chinese character)
(Three pictures will show, click the woman on the left in red dress)

She looks familiar. Any idea who she is?
Julie Sobanski
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/24/11 02:59 PM

I've seen her at conventions--I can't remember if she's Asian or European.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Max Maven » 09/24/11 03:36 PM

Her name is Ru Shin (that's probably spelled wrong, but it is roughly how it's pronounced). She comes from somewhere in the far northwest of China, so although she is Chinese, her facial features have only mild east-Asian characteristics.

Full-time pro, she does a variety of acts, including a silk routine based on traditional folk dancing from her region. Unfortunately, she also does illusions, and some of those are knock-offs of proprietary material from others.
Max Maven
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Postby Julie Sobanski » 09/24/11 05:10 PM

Many thanks Max.
Julie Sobanski
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Postby Lam Chan » 10/27/11 08:18 PM

Her name is Ru shin. She is from the Northwest part of China and she is of Uighur ethnic origin, which is one of ethnic minorities in China. This is why she looks "Central Asian". She has performed magic all her life and is known as "queen of magic" among fellow Chinese magicians. She is really quiet good, especially her card manipulations.
Lam Chan
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