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Postby Guest » 12/07/02 01:23 PM

I received my copy of this book yesterday and had something curious happen. The first 15 pages are duplicated. Has anyone else had this in their copy? I thought the book was falling apart because the extra 15 pages are not attached to the binding. They are attached to each other like a small booklet.

Just wondering.


Postby Guest » 12/07/02 03:23 PM

No. But I did have two different areas where two pages are duplicated...but a few pages later in the book. Those two locations ARE in the binding. Collectors edition? I would never part with it though. Great magic. Love the book.

Postby walkinoats » 12/10/02 06:45 PM

Kerry and Otis, I know you have pages that are duplicated but are there any pages missing ?
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Postby Guest » 12/10/02 08:09 PM

As far as I can see all the pages are there, and then some. :genii:

Postby Guest » 12/11/02 12:09 AM

None are missing. Great book. Especially pages 46-48(ha! JK:)

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