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Postby George Olson » 09/14/11 04:25 PM

I thought I'd seen it all, until a minute ago:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paris-Hilton-Ma ... 3cb0962e21

This si probably old news to some of you, but I found it really comical!

George Olson
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Postby Brad Henderson » 09/14/11 05:03 PM

The guys an idiot. If I recall correctly, he was hawking one of those Lou Serrano type ' let's sell success and marketing even though you've never heard of me packages'. I asked him about his million dollar illusion. He claimed (several months) ago that he felt the price was fair and claimed that he had people interested in buying it. Apparently not.
Brad Henderson
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Postby Amos McCormick » 09/21/11 11:06 AM

It's been on eBay for a long time. If he does sell it, he probably doesn't look like an "idiot" any longer. Problem is, I think Paris Hilton's fifteen minutes of fame is long gone...
Amos McCormick
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Postby Jim Riser » 09/21/11 11:55 AM

Well, Brad, you can make an offer and possibly "win" this prize for a lot less than he is asking. Make an offer and let us know how you did.
Jim Riser
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Postby Roger M. » 09/21/11 12:25 PM

I believe (based on how long it's been up there, and how completely ridiculous his premise is)that he has it up there at that price expressly to have his listing show up in the #1 spot on ebay when one searches for "magic" with the menu selecting "highest price first", which is how many folks do their searching on ebay.

In other words, his listing has nothing to do with selling anything, and everything to do with using that #1 spot as a free promotional tool.

He used to post on the Cafe and here on Genii, and he had a somewhat "unique" approach to magic and mentalism.
Roger M.
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Postby El Harvey Oswald » 09/21/11 05:29 PM

'It's been on eBay for a long time. If he does sell it, he probably doesn't look like an "idiot" any longer'

It's entirely possible to be an idiot and sell something for too much to a fellow idiot.
El Harvey Oswald
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