Slydini performing in Spain

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Postby James » 09/13/11 08:33 PM

Here's 20 minutes of slydini performing in Spanish. Looks like it's for a group of magicians in Spain.

The camera is at the worst angle possible, on his right as he's performing for a spectator on his left. Even with that, his misdirection is so strong most of the moves will fly by you the first time you watch it. Looks like he's having fun performing as well.
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Postby Duncan William » 09/17/11 04:59 AM

Slydini is a true artist - his silks effect was the first silk trick I ever saw and loved it!!! Great video....
Duncan William
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Postby Juanma González » 09/17/11 08:33 AM

Such a great magician! Technique, misdirection, art... all in one person. One of a kind, mister Slydini... It's a pity that I won't be able to see you at a live performing. But, fortunately, we have James! Thank you for posting, man!, the new international magic school.
Juanma González
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