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Postby Richard Stokes » 08/30/11 04:59 AM

Andy Nyman's new film, The Glass Man, was shown at the London Fright Festival this weekend in Leicester Square and got a good reaction from the audience.
Nyman has the main role as Martin Pyrite. A man unfairly dismissed from work, heavily in debt, marriage falling apart, life imploding, no solution in sight.
And then things get worse...
A debt-collector thug turns up on his doorstep late one night and appears to offer him a way out.
I won't spoil the plot. Martin's last name is a cryptic clue, but it won't really help you.
I particularly liked the scene where the hapless hero is harassed by a street thug. This, alas, has happened to me.
Nyman also ran the festival's quiz from hell.
I now know how many different types of [censored] are on sale at the Titty Twister Bar in Tarantino's 'From Dusk til Dawn'. Answer: that magic prime number 17.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/30/11 11:03 AM

I've enjoyed Andy's other films like Dead Set and Perseverance. Looking forward to this.
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