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Postby Joe Mckay » 08/28/11 06:46 PM is the most creative thing I have ever seen.

Hey everyone,

I just want to mention something which was doing the rounds a few years ago. It is a simple 'hack' to turn a Nintendo Wii into a 3D computer console. I love things like this since it reminds me of the ingenuity you might see in a brilliant magic trick.



Anyway - I can't remember where I first came across this link. Indeed - it may have being on this site. Really can't remember...

So - I just want to see this idea mentioned again. And to ask if this idea was ever incorporated into a Ninetendo Wii game? It amazes me if it hasn't. It is like somebody inventing a perpetual motion machine and then never bothering to use it...

Sorry for the non-magic interlude!

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