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Postby Rob Block » 08/24/11 06:37 PM

After happily devouring this month's issue of Genii (cover date of September 2011), I stepped over to the bookshelf when I got home to randomly grab an old back issue for a few quiet minutes of reading. By chance, I grabbed the September 1996 issue, whose cover loudly proclaims 60th anniversary issue. I didn't see a mention in this month's issue of it being the 75th anniversary. Technically, I don't think William Larsen went to press with that first issue until September and it is only August. Richard - any upcoming mention of the 75th anniversary of Genii?

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/24/11 06:59 PM

We will be celebrating our 75th Anniversary starting with the November issue. We can promise our readers special features and several free DVDs included with issues.
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Postby Rick Ruhl » 09/06/11 07:44 AM

If you look at the Genii Speaks for September 1996, you'll see Erika was writing it in Novemeber of 1996..

Sept=Nov back then ;)
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