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Postby mrgoat » 08/23/11 08:10 AM


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Postby John M. Dale » 08/23/11 12:30 PM

It's a bit more than a new presentation. I'm guessing that "Mythbusters" isn't shown in the UK or that you're not a fan. I like the irony of you posting this to a magic forum since they used a trick to fake it.

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Postby Jeff Haas » 08/23/11 05:20 PM

If you didn't see that Mythbusters episode... Viewers forwarded this internet clip, because something didn't look right. So Jamie and Adam tried to recreate it. It turns out to be impossible to do for real.

Video clips for the episode are on Discovery Channel's website:
http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/mythbus ... oth-chaos/

I suggest you start with "Tablecloth Pull Angle 1".


What's the trick? There's a sheet of plastic under the dishes, over the tablecloth. Watch "Tablecloth Pull High Speed 2" to see it in slow motion.
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