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Postby Lisa Cousins » 08/10/11 03:12 PM

When I was working behind the magic counter throughout most of 2010, the most asked-about magician during that time was Criss Angel.

The second-most asked about magician was Rob Zabrecky.

Now, I assumed that this was a local phenomenon - in other words, I didn't imagine that the people working behind the magic counters of Chicago and New York were getting asked about Rob Zabrecky as I was. But I got it all the time. Yes, I did know Rob Zabrecky. Yeah, he's great.

The other day I was having a conversation at the Castle with Paul Green and Robert Byrnes. The topic was "names that stand for a concept" - such as Valentino, Houdini, Einstein, Machiavelli, and Disney.

Paul Green suggested "Zabrecky."

If you don't know Rob Zabrecky, he's sort of a blend of Valentino, Houdini, Einstein, Machiavelli, and Disney.
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Postby wildmagic » 08/10/11 03:40 PM

Rob is very unique and a MUST see to appreciate his style and performance. I remember meeting him the night he auditioned at the Castle. Since that time he really developed as a Magian and performer at the Castle. Also, he was on the cover Mandala's third issue. He recently had a One Man show, which I missed being out of town. John Lovick directed. Any reviews or comments that you know of Lisa?

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Postby Kent Gunn » 08/10/11 06:03 PM

First trip to the Castle, for me, was this last weekend. I got to meet some people I'd only conversed with on-line. The entire experience exceeded every possible expectation I'd ever had about the castle.

Ms. Cousins was there and was especially charming to my wife and me.

My old pal Howard Hamburg played super-host. We got the grand tour and he gave me a great tip . . . He insisted we see the Zabrecky show. He wouldn't say a thing about the show, he just insisted we go.

I was astonished, amazed and entertained on every level. Rob's show was stunning. I won't tip anything about his show because I couldn't explain it. If you ever get the chance don't miss his show.

Saw Derek DelGaudio's show as well. I can't remember when I was more roundly fooled by a more charming gentleman.

All the shows were super, just super. Zabrecky's act transcended magic . . . that was theater of the highest order.

Thanks Howard!

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Postby Donal Chayce » 08/10/11 08:10 PM

Kent, I'm sorry I missed you. "If I'd known you were coming," etc., etc.

I concur with all of your comments vis-a-vis Rob, Derek and the rest of the lineup last week.

Rob's performing his new one-man show "An Evening with Rob Zabrecky" tonight at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, and I'll be in the audience. It's a sellout, so another performance has been scheduled for September 6th.
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Postby wildmagic » 08/11/11 12:53 AM

Wow I had my dates all wrong, but looks like I missed tonight show anyway. I'll try for the September showing. Hopw someone posts reveiews, but sure it was a great show knowing Rob with John directing.

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Postby CarloPanno » 08/12/11 04:12 PM

A few weeks ago I was watching "The Mentalist" for the first time. The show is shot at the Warner Bros. studios, where I worked for a while in the '70s and where my wife works now.

I had a feeling of deja vu when I recognized one location as an office building on the lot, and it struck again at an auction sequence in an outdoor garden that I recognized as well.

But the biggest shock was when the auctioneer was revealed to be Rob Zabrecky.

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Postby houdini's ghost » 08/12/11 06:44 PM

I didn't anticipate the rush to buy tickets for Rob's show at the Steve Allen in August, and ran into the sold out sign.
Already got my tickets for Sept. 6.
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Postby wildmagic » 09/02/11 02:08 PM

The LA Times has an article on Rob and his one man show in todays paper. Here is a link and hope it works. ... dv_article

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