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Postby mrgoat » 07/20/11 05:44 PM

I am doing my first proper stage show at a festival in a few weeks. When Scripting Magic came out I was in LA and saw the lovely Pete lecture and flog his book. He even added the rude word that was censored into my edition. Bless him.

However, because I got the book I thought i should script the gig. Took me all bloody day. 7 pages for a 20 minutes slot. And I keep having the audacity to send the draft the magician friends, who make it *better* damn them. So now I am tweaking and tweaking and will end up having to bloody LEARN the thing, like a , wositcalled, oh yeah. Script.

Pete, your book is great and has helped me immensely with this project.

Everyone should read it.
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