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Postby Guest » 02/07/02 03:50 PM

I've been working through and comparing several different handlings of the Paul Harris trick "reset". I would like to get some opinions as to who has the best version of this (and specifically, what makes thiers the best). Also, what do you think of the overall effect, in general.

Postby Guest » 02/07/02 04:30 PM

The effect itself is very powerful. I saw a version somewhere on the internet one time called "Twisted Reset". The cards first turned face down and then reset plot occured. I liked this but it had some flaws in its logic and so I took it and changed it around a bit and developed my own which is the one I currently use. Paul Harris' version is very powerful though and remains my favorite except my own. I have not seen Ricochet but it sounds like it might become one of my faves once I do.

Postby Guest » 02/07/02 04:34 PM

Jamy Ian Swiss has a nice version in an old genii. Jim Swain published a great version in 21th century card magic.

Noah Levine

Postby Guest » 02/07/02 08:36 PM

Check out Nick Trost's version. It can be found in "The Card Magic of Nick Trost." Besides having an additional phase, it has a very cute story.

Postby Guest » 02/08/02 12:46 AM

Dear Brad the first thing its learning the original version like you did, because that way you can learn the motivation and simplicty of the creator (al Baker said "Too many improvements destroys a trick"):

Ill tell you several alternative handlings:
.-Earl Nelson has one in his book "variations" . Good thinking.
.- James Swaim has another in his book " XXI century magic". Good presentation angle.
.- David Harkey has my favourite version in his book "Simply Harkey". Because the changes are visual like in Ricochet trick.

Reset trick has the problem of the anticlimatic second climax where the kings revert to aces at the very end. I think the best aproach is: after changing the aces into the four kings one at a time, dont let audience clap, before that, revert the kings to aces all together like an encore, making the two efects into one audience final reaction and stronger.
Laymen will think the whole routine was the result of an allucination.

Postby Guest » 02/08/02 12:57 AM

Sorry for the P.D. but I think its interesting noting that seminal idea comes from Hamman: Underground transposition first version is described in Kabballa magacine and a later version also from Hamman is published in the Hamman book (the one published by Kaufman, a very good book). take a look
.-James Swaim has another version of the trick in his second book, but Im not very fond of the surprise climax but its interesting for thinking along this way.
.- I believe J. C. Wagner has another version which mixes this trick with a twisting plot, its described in his book published by L.L..

Postby Guest » 02/11/02 10:39 AM

Just thought of another cool version. Check out Mike Close's routine called Dancers at the End of Time. It's in Workers 2 or 3. If you can, find a copy of his first tape. Not the new L&L ones. It's performed on there. It's not for everyone, but it'll get you thinking. And best of all, If you watch it before you read it, you'll get fooled BADLY!!!

Postby Guest » 02/11/02 12:10 PM

I have been using Jamy Ian Swiss' Reset Reset for many years.

Postby Matthew Field » 02/11/02 12:19 PM

Two interesting versions by Bill Miesel in the current "Precursor."

Matt Field
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Postby Guest » 02/11/02 03:07 PM

Does anyone have a copy of the Swiss routine. I contacted Jamy and he thought it was from the Sept '87 issue (Genii). I, unfortunatly, have sold all my old issues.

Postby Guest » 02/11/02 04:53 PM

I really like the way Earl Nelson begins Reset. He uses an Erdnase break and a very natural looking display sequence. Nice.

Greg Wilson has an excellent presentation angle which make the return to the aces logical. I think it's on one of his videos.

Mike Powers

Postby Guest » 02/12/02 02:20 PM

Earl Nelson's handling is excellent. And the Gaston Quieto handling is worth a look, if only for the use of the Ross Bertram change. But actually, the best handling I've seen and the one I use was taught to me by a nutty and creative kid named Brian Higgins who hangs out on Saturdays at Reuben's in NYC...Well, now I guess the new joint is Cafe Rustico on 35th St between 5th and 6th Aves....If you can track him down, I'm sure he'll show it to you....Also, ask him to show you his four ace production published some time ago in Apocalypse. It's a killer...Happy hunting!

Postby Guest » 02/12/02 02:28 PM

Is he the one who does the spin revelation from the bottom of the deck?

Postby Guest » 02/12/02 03:09 PM

The one and only.

Postby Guest » 02/12/02 03:12 PM

cool, I have been to reaubans twice and would rather recognize him then have to ask around.

Noah Levine

Postby Guest » 02/13/02 01:34 PM

Hello, all. My first post to the Forum.

While it's been mentioned previously, for my money, the best version of Reset has to be J.C. Wagner's "Twisted Underground Transposition" from Commercial Magic. I've been using it for nearly 10 years and can attest to the devastating power this routine has on lay people.

But Brad asked, "Why is it so good?" For starters, setting up the cards is cleanly and efficiently accomplished. By the time I'm finished with my introduction, the four aces are on the table and the four kings in my hand. No fuss, no muss.

Secondly, the twisting of the kings is so clean you'd swear gaffed cards are used. From the spectator's point of view you do nothing. The kings simply turn over in an impossible way.

Finally - and the best part - is the almost hallucinatory flash that occurs when you turn over the supposed kings and there are the aces! My routine is structured so that there is a lot of laughter and bits of business during the twisting phase, but once I turn over those aces I let the silence ride. It's a pretty powerful moment.

Those are my three cents, and good luck in your search.

Postby Guest » 02/13/02 01:36 PM

Welcome to the forum

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