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Postby Kevin Connolly » 07/17/11 02:56 PM

I just posted part of a list of Houdini items and rare Houdini handcuffs on my blog. The list was done by Hardeen on items in Houdini's basement. Some of the items are Houdini's Milk Can, Sub Trunk, Oregon Boot and some great cuffs from Houdini's early challenges. Here is the link to them.


If you like magic history, collecting, handcuffs or Houdini, you should like this.


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I buy,sell + trade Houdini, Hardeen items.
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Postby magicam » 07/17/11 08:23 PM

Great stuff, Kevin! Thanks for posting it on your blog.

Now, to discover who Theo was writing to, and to try to trace who got this stuff and where it is today ... (keeping in mind the dubious nature of some of the "Houdini items" that Hardeen sold).
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