Houdini vs. Erdnase--Which to See

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Postby Joe Naud » 07/11/11 02:21 PM

All, as much as I hate to have to choose between the two of these events in the LA area I have to. I hoped to see Guy Hollingworth do his Erdnase show but wanted to see Houdini at the Skirball and now have budget constraints that make me have to choose. I'm sure I would love each of these events equally so I'm hoping someone on the forum might give me a reason to choose one over the other. If you have a hook up for free or discounted tickets I will happily take them off your hands. As my dad said you will never get anything if you don't ask. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
Peace, Joe
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Postby Ted M » 07/11/11 02:42 PM

The artifacts will be around for a long time.

The live performance is fleeting.
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Postby JimW » 07/11/11 03:04 PM

Admission to the Skirball is free on Thursdays, if that helps. It's $12 the rest of the week. The "Masters of Illusion" exhibit is excellent, and since all the items came from private collections this is probably going to be your only chance to see them all in one place. "Expert At The Card Table" is also excellent. I hope you find a way to see both.
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