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Postby Pete Biro » 12/11/06 02:34 PM

Dave Devin has come up with a great update on Ken Perks' BABY GAG... a gag I used for years.

Anyway, what Dave came up with is this: A speckie selects a card and magician states "Before I came to the show I made a prediction." You show an envelope with a ? mark printed on it. When you ask, "Can you tell me what I predicted in the envelope?" The spectator says "NO" -- of course you produce the card that says, "NO" (old but good gag, that leads to more). And follows with, "You were RIGHT ON" (turn the card over NO becomes ON).

This leads to... asking "Name a famous person, someone you will all recognize." They name someone and you turn card over and it shows a BABY, you say, "Here's (person named) at age three months..." (The line I used to follow up with was, "Glad you didn't say Sammy Davis Jr. -- but if you did I was ready..." Show another side (it unfolds) and there is Sammy, or Oprah or Michael Jackson... "three months old"...


You then ask for the name of the selected card, and unfolding one more layer and you show the "52 cards on one" for a laugh... but then the kicker is you turn it around and there it is... the SELECTED CARD image.

Dave includes several time-tested gags and lines to use and TWO SIZES of his effect, well printed, on good stock, one size for close-up that when folded is 4.5x5.5-inches and for platform/stage that's 9x12-inches.

By the time you read this Dave's prop should be at most magic dealers.
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