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Postby Jonestown19 » 07/06/11 01:26 PM

Ok so i took your criticism seriously and re-worded the introduction to Next Level Close-up. After re reading it everything you said made sense. The real goal and vision is to take people who are just starting out in magic and give them some tips and better effects they can use/purchase to improve their skills. If you would like to write an article I would gladly post it on the webpage to help both you and I get more exposure. There are 3 topics I think would be valuable.

1. The importance of learning card tricks with a regular deck of cards, and maybe some effects to get someone started.
2. When is the right time to perform an effect when you are with your friends?
3. Top 5 coin tricks and why they are the top 5
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Postby mrgoat » 07/06/11 01:40 PM

I'd take that 'page views' widget off, if I were you man.

When you are getting as little traffic as that, advertising it isn't a good idea.

Also, change the title tag. I doubt people will search google for "next level close up magic". I'd go for "Learn magic | Improve your magic"

And put in paragraphs. It would make it much easier to read. Assuming someone wants to.

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Postby Jonestown19 » 07/06/11 03:02 PM

Great input! thank you
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