Great effect, whats the name?

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Postby Guest » 03/09/05 08:08 PM

I hate the movie shade, but ill refer to it becuase thats where I saw the move being done.

Its the one where the performer holds the deck in mechanics or full grips, showing his other hand empty. He then waves his hand over the deck and the top card changes.

Whats the effect called and where can it be found?


Postby jimmycards » 03/10/05 08:40 AM

Well, the basic color change sounds like the move from Erdnase in Expert at the Card Table.

Steve Draun has a wonderful variation on his website, follow tbe movies link and look at the 'Starfish Change'.
Jim Molinari
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Postby Guest » 03/10/05 11:04 AM

No, its not the classic color change.

The hand is waved from right to left, and the top card just changes. Ill check that site, thanks.

Anyone else have any info on this? Thank you.

Postby Remco » 03/10/05 12:26 PM

It is the Hurricane Change (from Harry Levine), it is published in issue 42 of Trapdoor Magazine
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Postby Guest » 03/10/05 12:38 PM

It was credited as The Hurricane Change on a website that had moves from the film on it. This site is no longer available though. As previously mentioned, this is very similar to Mr Draun's starfish change in execution. An explanation of this can be found in Richard's very good book, "Secrets Draun from Underground"

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