Japanese close-up mat?

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Postby Dan LeFay » 07/03/11 06:48 AM

I have seen/felt a close-up mat that is supposed to be made in Japan.
It is black on top with a light green underside. It is very flexible and it seems to remain in perfect condition even when severely folded. The material is rather spongy.

Two performers I've seen using it were either very vague about where I could get one, or did not want me to know (for reasons which are unclear to me).

The mat may be related to Shigeo Futagawa, but a google search on Japanese matters is very hard where I live.

A last hint is that the mat may be rather expensive. anyone who can point me in some direction?

(I do have several high end close-up mats, but I am looking for this particlar one...)

Dan LeFay
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Postby Gary Kosnitzky » 07/04/11 07:39 AM

A few years ago Shoot Ogawa sold custom made mats that were very spongy and never look like they were folded.
He no longer sells them.
If you find them please let me know.

Good Luck,
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Gary Kosnitzky
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Postby C. Hampton » 01/28/14 08:25 AM

I know is kind of late but I found what I believe you were looking for Dan


I have not been able to find any other suppliers but I am interested in it too.
Carlos Hampton
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Postby Dan LeFay » 02/11/14 11:25 AM

Indeed it is. I found them about four months ago and immediately bought one. Everything I could only do with a Dean Dill pad can also with this one. Especially for coin pick-up moves very good.
Dan LeFay
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