Ford Kross - RIP

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Postby Riley G Matthews » 07/02/11 03:31 PM

I just heard from Jon Riggs that Ford Kross passed away.
RIP my Friend and Brother... Sad news indeed...
Riley G Matthews Jr
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Riley G Matthews
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Postby Dick Christian » 07/02/11 04:52 PM


So sad. He will be missed.

Thanks for letting me know.

Dick Christian
Dick Christian
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 07/02/11 07:45 PM

Most people here don't know about him, so let's hear a little bit of a bio from a friend.
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Postby Riley G Matthews » 07/03/11 01:41 AM

Ford Kross

A.k.a. Kross, Ford is 64 (in 2002) and resides in New Jersey, U.S.A. He became interested in magic when he was 27 and areas of bizarre magic and mentalism in the 1970's.
He was the Secretary/Treasurer of the Psychic Entertainers Association (1983-1986), Secretary of PEA (2001- present time). He hosted the TV series, 'Mind Probe' (1976-83), Co-hosted 'Journey to the Center of the Mind in 1985. He has made appearances on Oprah, Geraldo, Joan Rivers and Jackie Mason national television shows. A consultant of the Psychophysical Research Lab (1897-1990). Director of 'Haunt Hunters' (1977 to the present time which is 2002).

He is the author of 'Out of deep Freeze', 'It Ain't Body Building', 'Suggestive Mentalism' and also 'Kross on Psi Parties'.
Riley G Matthews Jr
Film Actor & Mentalist
Riley G Matthews
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Postby Riley G Matthews » 07/03/11 01:43 AM

Ford's Eye view of the world
Riley G Matthews Jr
Film Actor & Mentalist
Riley G Matthews
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Postby Stan Willis » 07/03/11 07:02 AM

My remembrances of Ford(Sandy)Kross dates back to Mystic Myron's Magic Shop, Mecca Magic and the John McNicholas Roundtable. I'm sure we both had admiration for each other's chosen field of prestidigitation his being mentalism and mine being close up card magic.
He will be sorely missed!
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Postby Bob Cassidy » 07/06/11 12:41 PM

Ford/Sandy was one of my oldest and closest friends in mentalism. I knew him since I was a teenager when I met him at Mecca Magic in East Orange, New Jersey.

We had many adventures together (including what we called "The Great NJ Witchcraft Trial"). I will miss him.

Good thoughts,

PS- Hi Stan!
And remember, my friends, future events such as these will affect you in the future.-Criswell
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Postby M.Lee » 07/07/11 10:52 AM

This is Terriable news.....

Ford was a secret source.....and we had planned to work on a few things for my upcomming performances Together .
He & I used to meet at the cafe Edison and literally spend hrs there brain storming and simply talking.

Rip Ford

Michael Lee
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Postby Nakul Shenoy » 07/16/11 05:26 AM

I had the good fortune to share some thoughts and know a little about the great man that was Ford Kross via our exchanges at the Asylum. He always presented a perspective not thought of, and made one think.

RIP Ford Kross. You are remembered via your work and inspiration.

Nakul Shenoy
Bangalore, India.
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Postby MJ Emigh » 07/17/11 10:19 PM

Ford Kross Got Me Kicked Out Of The PEA!

How's that for a headline? Well, perhaps I should explain.

I belonged to the PEA for maybe 4 or 5 years. A good friend of mine, who happened to be the National Prez of the S.A.M. was over one night. We were just screwing around with cards, coins, dental floss.....the usual stuff. He was looking through my bound issues of the PEA newsletter. I guess he saw something interesting.

He didn't bother to mention it to me, but he wrote down the name of a writer of one specific effect. Ford Kross. He wrote to him, asking for clarification about a move or a slight or something. Kross went ballistic. How dare I let someone see this publication?!?

Well, I had been toying with the idea of leaving the PEA anyway. This just made things simple.

I must say that I did agree with him, and Ford Kross was a very bright guy. Interestingly, I had a minor business dealing with him years later (we both used our real names that time), and he was courteous, knowledgeable, and to-the-point.

His contribution to the world of mentalism is not a small one. Rest in peace, old boy.

MJ Emigh
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Postby Mathias435 » 09/04/11 05:35 PM

RIP Ford Kross :(

You have really inspired me!
I write on a site about how to be a mentalist.

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