Defining Authorship and Biographer

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Postby mai-ling » 06/27/11 11:34 AM

If someone gives you a written story about them self
or you document their story from an interview about them
and you re-write it.
What do you call yourself?

I want to know what the fine line and definition is
between an author or biographer.

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Postby Richard Hatch » 06/27/11 12:50 PM

I guess it depends on how extensive the re-writing is. If you are just doing light editing of interview transcripts or the original work, then the finished work could be labelled an "autobiography" "edited by" or "as told to" you. If you do extensive re-writing/editing, then you could be the "biographer" (though for the latter designation, extensive additional research from other sources would be expected) or "ghostwriter" (if the subject is identified as the author). "Co-author" would be another possibility...
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