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Postby DirkH » 06/24/11 06:42 AM

In one of the old Genii Magazines I found an advertisement of the "Lodgepott Utility". Does anybody know where to get more information about that? Google search didn't help.
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Postby A1exM » 06/25/11 05:51 AM

Hi, I searched the Genii back issue archives and didn't find a match. Do you know what issue/volume this is in? or who marketed it?
Regards Alex
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Postby Joe Pecore » 06/25/11 06:48 AM

It was marketed by Mark Lodge in the 1990s. You can see an ad for it on page 218 in the January, 1992 issue of Genii.
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Joe Pecore
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Postby A1exM » 06/25/11 08:44 AM

Thanks Joe
I also found further info in Volume 55 Number 1 November 1991 (Doc Eason on front cover).
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Postby ralphs007 » 07/10/11 09:20 PM

I still have mine!
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Postby nornando » 07/14/11 08:48 PM

me too! it's a great little gimmick (IMO)
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