Reinhard Muller's 'Escorial' monographs

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Postby John Pezzullo » 04/19/02 04:36 AM


Have you ever considered making your 'Escorial' monographs available in a 'collected' form?

I bought a copy of your 'Gray Code' monograph several years ago and found it to be an excellent investment.

In addition, can you advise whether the following list of 'Escorial' monographs is complete:

*Gilbreath's Principles
*Ace Assembly
*Giant Cards
*Card Cases
*The Glimpse
*Gray Code
*Card Indexes
*White Line Problem
*Marlo on Faked Decks
*Cards Up The Sleeve
*Hofzinser & 19th Century Card Magic
*Culling & Stocking
*The Discovery of a Card in Some Object
*The Card Effects of Robert-Houdin
*Vernon Lectures in Germany
*Larry Jennings


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Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/19/02 07:50 AM

That would be a problem because Reinhard was illegally reproducing copyrighted material without permission from books in some of his monographs. It is now illegal to even sell or re-sell the original copies of these monographs.
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