Who was/is Mystic Craig? Is his son still alive? 65 yrs old?

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Postby MaxNY » 06/23/11 12:39 AM

I'm doing research for a short documentary film...I am wondering who Mystic Craig was...and if anyone has a contact for his son...son should be around 65 today... Kevin C...send me a private E-mail please.
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Postby Joe Pecore » 06/23/11 05:41 AM

Mystic Craig was William Vagell. See http://miraclefactory.net/zenstore/inde ... ucts_id=22
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Postby hugmagic » 06/24/11 09:42 AM

Mystic Craig was William (Bill) Vagell. I met him once a a NYCAN in Syracuse. He was still pretty dynamic even at 80 years old. In fact, he came to the convention just to meet me as he heard Marshall flowers were going to be there. Bill Andrews was a good friend to him.
Bill and I hit off immediately. He was also a world wide authority on Lionel Trains. Mr. Cowan (Lionel owner) would ask Bill's opinions on various trains scheduled for release. He ran a hobby shop for years that sold Lionel trains and parts all over the world. His huge train layout was sold to a gentleman in Texas.
I believe his widow (Marie) has also passed on. His son had no interest in magic whatsoever. Bill Andrews published a little monogram on Mystic Craig that I have a copy of.
Craig published a book on the Vanishing Bird Cage and also sold a miracle bar act. At an early IBM (1920's), he came up with a remote start for car that would let him start a car from across the street.
A sweet man that I remember fondly for that little twinkle in his eyes.
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