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Postby erdnasephile » 06/20/11 11:34 AM


I am looking for an existing playing card Jokers with the following characterstics:

1. Poker Size and handle well

2. Contrasting back color/design to both Red and Blue 808 Bicycle Rider Backs

3. A Joker and an Extra Joker that are just slightly different (the standard Joker and Guarantee Card are too different from what I'm looking for.) Jokers using the identical drawing, but where the wording says "Extra Joker" instead of "Joker" would be ideal.

Any suggestions please?
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Postby Bill Mullins » 06/20/11 01:12 PM

If you have one that is close, you could take two identical examples and erase a detail from one to make them slightly different.
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Postby Pete McCabe » 06/20/11 01:18 PM

A while back I was looking for an unusual joker for an effect. I emailed Niel Lester and he sent me a nice sample. I can't remember who inherited the Cards by Martin business/stock, but you might try following that avenue.

BTW The easy way to erase something printed on a playing card is to insert a pencil into an electric drill.
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Postby erdnasephile » 06/20/11 01:44 PM

Hi, Guys: Thanks for the tips! I'll see if I can contact Mr. Lester's son.

If anyone has any specific suggests for particular cards, I'd love to hear those as well.
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Postby Corneilius Jay » 08/31/12 10:18 PM

I realise this thread is quite old and your probably sorted by now but i like aristocrat banknotes they have a really nice pair of identical jokers.
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