Contents of "Ten for Ten"?

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Postby Guest » 12/19/02 10:13 AM

Does anyone know what the contents of Michael Skinner's book "Ten for Ten" was supposed to be? (I suppose one man in Idaho does know...but he doesn't post here). Were any of these effects released elsewhere (like on the A-1 tapes)? Or maybe they can be seen on those performance videos....

I was just curious, thanks.

Postby Lance Pierce » 12/19/02 11:06 AM


I'm not sure about the exact routines in the book, but my understanding is that the premise was ten card effects for ten dollars -- and each uses ten cards. One routine that I'm fairly certain was supposed to be in there was where Michael spread ten cards face up and had the spectator take any one out and turn it over. As soon as the Golden Nugget back of the selection came into view, Michael simply dropped all the other cards, allowing them to flip over and spill on to the table. They were all Bicycles.


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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/19/02 04:21 PM

Yes, ten tricks for ten dollars, and all card tricks as I understand.
Most have been published by now. One of them was Michael's work on the memorized deck, which he had given to Harry Lorayne for Tarbell 7, but which Harry had rejected. Mike never got over that, and that item was going to be in Ten for Ten. So, I don't think each trick was going to use only ten cards.
There are a number of people out there who should know the ten tricks: Klause, where the heck are you?
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Postby Guest » 12/19/02 10:14 PM


Re: "Ten for Ten"...

Michael was to have this book to sell at the
IBM convention in Honolulu many years ago.
He was more than upset when JB let him down.

I suggested to Michael that he enclude a couple
of the routines from "TfT" in his work "Classic
Sampler" just to see the reaction, if any, from
JB. My copy of "CS" is not available at the moment
as Mr. L. Pierce is using it for some research.
Therefore, I'm unable to point you to the routines.

However, when Michael and I were invited to do
our two-man lecture at Geno Munari's Vegas con-
vention some years ago, Gary Plants wrote a set
of lecture notes for Michael titled "15 for 15".
Perhaps he would care to shed more light on the
subject of the contents of "TfT".


Postby Guest » 12/20/02 09:27 AM

I've got a copy of "Six For Fifteen" which I bought from Munari, and the complete title is Michael Skinner's 1996 Lecture Notes, Six For Fifteen. The six items are:

The Mona Lisa Card Trick, The Torn & Restored Straw Wrapper, Skinning the Fat Off the Bone -- Nate Leipzig's Slap Aces, My Spellbound (unpublished), My Impromptu Poker Deal (unpublished), Perceptive Deception (unpublished).

An interesting author's attribution appears on the front,
"Lecture notes compiled by Gary Plants. Illustrations by Richard Bartram, Jr. NOTE: The unpublished items in these notes will not be found in Michael's upcoming book by L & L Publishing."
-- Randy Campbell

Postby Guest » 12/20/02 11:01 AM

Randy: Thanks for reminding me and others of
the correct title of Michael's lecture notes...
"Six for Fifteen".

I trust that you have used Michael's Mona Lisa
Card effect as I consider it the Crown Jewel of
his repertoire.

Happy Holidays and thanks for coming to my rescue.



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