Anthony Brahams' citation of Eugene Burger in Fred Kaps' Purse

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Postby Suresh » 06/09/11 12:19 PM


Anthony Brahams, the editor of Fred Kaps' Purse, ends the booklet with a note implying that Eugene Burger helped popularize the purse frame (quote is attached below). I have reason to believe Eugene Burger has never performed with the purse frame and doesn't even own one.

Question: So what in Eugene Burger's work is that note referring to?

Performers that mad the use of a Purse Frame popular: Johnny Paul, Albert Goshman, Slydini, Ken Brooke.

Editor's notes: two more of the greatest close-up magic entertainers can be added to this list -- Jim Ryan and Eugene Burger.

Patrick Page has written a booklet solely devoted to this prop.

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Postby Joe Pecore » 06/09/11 12:29 PM

I don't know either. Maybe you can email Burger and ask
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