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Postby CHRIS » 04/05/02 05:20 AM

I am sure all of you know Jamy Ian Swiss and his role as book reviewer for Genii. He
has been writing insightful, well written, educational, funny, and opinionated book reviews.
But maybe you didn't know that Swiss, soon to begin his ninth year of book criticism, began
reviewing books for Genii in June of 1994.

Now you can own the complete collection of book reviews, from 1994 through 2000, in one
convenient ebook. In addition to 217 reviews, you'll receive "A Millennium of Magic Literature,"
a special, comprehensive feature Swiss wrote for the January 2001 millennium issue of Genii,
as well as an introduction written expressly for this collection that will give you new insight
into his approach.

This review collection comes with fully hyperlinked title-index and author-index. Whenever
a reviewed book is mentioned elsewhere in the collection, you will find a convenient hyperlink
to the actual review. The collection also includes our innovative "LybraryReader," with its
built-in search engine and a text-to-speech feature that enables your computer to read the
material aloud, all of which combine to produce a timeless resource for guiding your next book
purchases. Whether or not you subscribed to Genii during these years, you'll love the
convenience of owning the complete collection of reviews all in one place in this
easily-searchable, electronic form.

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Postby Guest » 04/12/02 10:05 PM

Good news, Chris. I'll tell you what, I love my magic books, but you're really on the cutting edge of something with your line of work. Keep it up! I have a suggested project for you: All the Robert Orben books written for magicians. These are mainly one liners, and ideal for your format, as they are often skimmed and searched etc. As opposed to read page after page, chapter after chapter. Of course I want everything in your catalog for free, since I told you to do this!
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Postby Guest » 04/13/02 06:06 AM

On a related note, I wish to thank Jamy Swiss personally for using the word "comprise" correctly in one of his recent reviews. I say this as one of the three or four Grammar Fascists still living who care about the word.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 04/13/02 09:26 AM

Ralph, I don't think your post comprises a thoughtful response.
C'mon--let me have it!
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Postby Guest » 04/13/02 10:17 AM

It's a lost cause (as witness your corrupt but unambiguous use of "comprised" in the slug for multipage threads). I admit to dinosaurhood on the point and reserve the full fury of my fascistic wrath for grammatical battles genuinely worth killing for. (Yes, that's a dangling preposition; I'm not a fanatic.)

Still, it was a pleasure to see Mr. Swiss use "comprise" in the doomed, traditional sense of "encompass."


Postby CHRIS » 04/13/02 08:03 PM


thank you for the suggestion with Robert Orben. I will look into that once I have a little time to breathe. Currently there are lots of projects on my desk. The main question of course is copyrights.

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