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Postby RWKercheval » 05/26/11 12:31 PM

Hey everyone, great forum you have here (and BUSY!)

I've been making a deck of custom Bicycles for a few months now and I would like to show them off, if that's all right.

Here is my card layout and general info on it: Image

Here is my box:

To give you a better look at my face cards and joker check this out!

I've been getting great response so far and would like to hear your thoughts too!

I have a kickstarter account going to see if I can raise enough money to actually make this deck. So far i've raised about 75% of what I need!
MODS - can i post a link here in the marketing section?

Thanks in Advance everyone!
- Russell Kercheval
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Postby jill52nabi » 06/07/11 02:19 AM

Nice collection RWKercheval and liked the box personally.
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Postby Noel Grassy » 06/08/11 11:55 PM

Howdy Russell,
The box art looks sublime as well as your treatment
of the cards. These should be quick sellers when you get
them made. What's the target retail price per deck? Feel
free to PM the information if you feel inclined. Best of
luck to you,

Noel Grassy.
Noel Grassy
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Postby RWKercheval » 06/09/11 10:24 AM

Hey Noel,

The price is $8.99 IF I have any left! I sold out the original 2,500 run of cards! I anticipate a few credit cards wil be declined so I am goign to sell the remaining decks on my own site (being made now)

Thanks for the kind words,

Russell Kercheval
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Postby jason156 » 06/09/11 08:21 PM

Am I missing something? First you say you are trying to raise money to have this deck made, and then you say you had 2500 decks made and you have a few left?
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Postby Chris Aguilar » 06/09/11 08:33 PM

Perhaps he pre-sold his run of cards.
Chris Aguilar
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Postby Smurf » 06/09/11 09:34 PM

He was getting financing through backers using kickstarter. He did better than expected I think. ... -card-deck
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Postby RWKercheval » 06/10/11 12:29 AM


that's exactly right. I was using Kickstarter to presell my deck. It turns out there was a much bigger demand than I anticipated! I am still not going to have more than 2500 printed, I would like to keep them a collectors item. A few well known online resellers will have limited supply in their stores too in August.

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