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Postby Guest » 12/18/02 04:25 PM


Anybody familiar with these video's? Are they worth getting? Are they a "beginners only" sort of thing or
could they be a good source for referance in much the same way as a set of Tarbel's?


Mark :)

Postby Guest » 12/23/02 09:32 AM

Hi Mark,

I think the DVDs are pretty good stuff with some of the DVDs of various good magician, the price is reasonable in my opinion and I ordered the DVDs set about 2 weeks ago.

Just wondering whether there is anyone else ordering the DVDS set? If there is any, do you guys get prompt post-sales email reply?
They have charged my credit card for the payment but I haven't received any email confirmation and I have send several emails only to find out whether they have sent it to the correct address as I requested which were never replied at all.

If there is anyone from IMS reading this message, could you please email me at I just need to know which address did you sent the package to as I am already overseas now and before I left the package haven't arrive at my place.



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