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Postby Zadig » 05/07/11 04:42 AM

Hi everybody, Id like to let you know about findacadabra (

findacadabra is basically a database of magic places around the world (a sort of "Google Maps" entirely dedicated to magic).

On findacadabra you can:

- navigate the map and find Clubs, Shops, Theatres, Libraries, Graves, Museums and many other magic places around the world;

- get address and GPS coordinates of any magic place around you;

- login (the registration is free) and add new places, write comments and upload photos (everybody knows magic places worth a visit!).

I believe this could represent a useful tool for magicians and for everybody who loves the art of magic, and maybe a small contribution to the wide-spreading of magic history and culture in the world.

Hope you like it!
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Postby Zadig » 05/19/11 08:17 PM

Thank you guys for your contributions.

For those who asked me, I must clarify this.

The nice thing about findacadabra is that every magician can add new POIs to the database! :)

In fact many places (and pictures) that already are on findacadabra have been added by other magicians from different countries.
So, if you have the privilege to know any magic place (shops, clubs, museums, theatres, monuments, graves, etc.) that is not yet on the site, please feel free to add it yourself to the database, and give other magicians the opportunity to find it!
All you have to do is login (the registration is free) and click on Create a New POI on the top bar (read the Regulation first).

Enjoy it!
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