Multiplying bottles

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Postby JonathanBMagic » 05/02/11 11:47 PM

Any opinions on multiplying bottles would be greatly appreciated. I've never handled a set and before I make the investment, I'd to have an idea of difference between how the colored handles vs the black as well as the $450 set vs the $150 set. Thanks
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Postby wkitwizard » 05/21/11 04:34 PM

To save you a lot of time and money, obtain Ken Brooke's manuscript on
"Multiplying Martinis"-which outlines his entire routine using eight bottles.
Then you can either spend a little or a lot, depending on your desire to own a set to practice with, or a set that will last a lifetime. The cheaper sets made in India
run $150-$200. The "Ken Brooke" style bottles usually run around $450-$500.
Good luck!
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Postby JonathanBMagic » 04/30/12 03:40 AM

Thank you
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Postby IrishMagicNews » 05/07/12 01:06 PM

Call Denny Haney. He not only sells em but performs them brilliantly.

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Postby Allen Tipton » 05/09/12 08:57 AM

And if you can find someone who has it, Jonathan--the late Tommy Cooper's routine. Surely the funniest & most frenetic-ever!
At the end you can hardly see the table for bottles.

When I used to perform it--I had a small cardboard box, which held the first 2 bottles, in the tubes. There was a cardboard 'grid' in the bottom.In this grid were holes--just enough to hold the produced bottles. As the bottles appeared they went into this grid--the front of the box opened down for the audience to see. Then at the end--pull up the front flap-and exit carrying the box with the bottles inside.
Allen Tipton
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Postby Master Payne » 05/16/12 05:37 PM

I've finally got my routine up on YouTube

It's a slightly different take on the classic presentation
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Postby goochelaarjan » 07/24/12 10:25 AM

Love the idea of combining Schrdinger's cat with this effect. As if the concept has been made for it :-)
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