silence of the short term memory?

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/24/11 08:43 PM

I saw it - really, or while I was looking I was seeing it.
But when I look away - I forget.

What is that quiet empty space where all the moments and experience we delete?

Yeah, it's Doctor Who and we have some new ideas to explore.

Got trauma?

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Postby Oli Foster » 04/26/11 03:15 PM

Yeah, wasn't it cool!

What did you make of it going stateside?! To my (sheletered english) mind, it looked pretty epic, albeit slightly jumbled and confusing - but then that is the problem with starting a series with the same doctor AND assistant. Normally one or the other's b*ggered off so you've got that to write around.

[As a side note, am I right in thinking it's co-produced by an American network? - looks abit expensive for our poor old BBC]

Those aliens reminded me of the weeping angels which move and attack when you're not looking at them. The idea of forgetting you've seen them though is alot creepier - I think Steve Moffatt is tops at creating new monsters! - and appealing to that inner child looking under the bed for monsters in all of us.

And agreed this 'dark space' naturally fits with magic - I like the element of 'positively ignoring' things. Interesting...

Oh and it looks like Matt Smith might be nominated for a Bafta, which would make him the first doctor to win one, although I think Tennant was at least as worthy...
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