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Postby Bill Mullins » 04/21/11 09:55 PM

From The Gaming Table: Its Votaries and Victims, in all Times and Countries, Especially in England and in France. Volume 2 by Andrew Steinmetz (London: Tinsley Bros., 1870)
p. 34

The story is told of a noted sharper of distinction, a foreigner, whose hand was thrust through with a fork by his adversary, Captain Roche, and thus nailed to the table, with this cool expression of concern 'I ask your pardon, sir, if you have not the knave of clubs under your hand.'

Didn't Penn & Teller do this trick?
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Postby Kardova » 04/22/11 01:45 AM

Bill Mullins wrote: Didn't Penn & Teller do this trick?

1985 PBS Special - Penn & Teller Go Public
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Postby F.Amílcar » 04/22/11 07:15 AM

There is an early method in the book "THESORO ATRACTIVO DE CURIOSOS, Y DESENGAO DE ENGAOS: IMPUGNACION DE LOS JUEGOS DE MANOS DEL LIBRO INTITULADO: ENGAOS A OJOS VISTAS,&c, que di a luz Pablo Minguet." Author: Diego Joseph Zamorano.1740.
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