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Postby Sophia Feltro » 04/20/11 05:46 PM

What do you get when you culture-cross Saturday Night Live Weekend Update with Juan Tamariz?

The Mad Hatter from Madrid Parody

jhaajjajajaajjajajaj :grin:
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Postby Tom Stone » 04/20/11 07:50 PM

Even more interesting is 1:48 in this clip:
Double Crossing the Gaze Switch from "5 Points in Magic", in front of an audience of laypeople.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/21/11 07:55 AM

Tom, that hand to hand transfer is part of the 'Double Crossing the Gaze' strategy?

Folks might want to have a careful look at the volunteer's face as she starts to unwrap that silk hankderchief.
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Postby Sophia Feltro » 04/21/11 11:05 AM

Theres a very brief, bare-bones explanation of Juan Tamarizs double crossing the gaze switch (with pictures of the hand-to-hand transfer) in Jon Allens free e-book preview from Vanishing Inc. for those of you interested in a quick online reference. It can be found under the title trick, Citizen Cane.

Of course the detailed handling can be found as Mr. Stone has already pointed-out, in Tamarizs beautiful and highly recommended work, The Five Points of Magic . In fact, that same exact trick on the youtube clip is actually used to explain the gaze switch. Im so looking forward to the next Hermetic Press English Editons of the others. Makes me wish I had learned Spanish in high school :(

Thanks Tom for the clip, it was really a treat to see the Master himself perform it for a lay audience. Even as the logical part of ones brain comprehends the psychology and mechanics of the series of movements, the senses still are badly fooled by the naturalness and motivation of his body language.

Tamariz is a genius! Viva Tamariz!
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Sophia Feltro
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Postby poboymagic » 04/25/11 02:26 AM

What a great thread. Thanks to everyone for these contributions. I wish that Tamariz lived in New Orleans.
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